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Little Ducklings

May 29, 2017

Summer is our favorite time !
We went to see little ducklings and learnt why fiddling ducks
is not good for them at all !!!

Here, at our White Rock Daycare, we get to know Nature. Every child’s experience is different, but generally it’s a sense of wonder and joy of discovery at the birds and animals they see, and the plants around them and just playing outside. We talk about what we see, learn to observe and keep it clean and safe.

When we went to the duck pond, the kids couldn't stop talking and asking:
-Where are the baby ducks?
-Can we feed the ducks?
-Look: that duck is drinking water!
-Can I pick a flower?

We had a wonderful field trip. We learned so much, and the children had so much fun spending the day out in the fresh air and observing things in nature!

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