About Our Daycare

We are Multi-age child care facility

Multi-age groups more closely resemble life in an extended family. Multi-age child care allows strong attachments between educators and young children to continue from infancy through to school-age. In multi-age programs, younger children are helped by and learn from older children. Exceptional children can be more easily included in multi-age groups since the learning environments are designed for children with a wide range of abilities.

We are Licensed Family Daycare

What does “licensed” mean?
• The most important thing is the high quality care

• The house and the surrounding area, as well as the program have passed the inspection of City Hall and Fraser Health, and have been approved as safe for children, and have been equipped in case of a fire or earthquake

• The caregiver, and members of her family have been through a Criminal Record Check, and have taken First Aid

• The caregiver has an Early Childhood Education Diploma, doctor approval, and recommendations

• A licensed daycare has the right to work with parents who are receiving government subsidy